Contact Information

Contact Information

GloryGate Ministries, Int’l
GloryGate Tabernacle
5107 South Alligator Place
Floral City, FL  34436
(352) 344-2292


GloryGate Ministries International / Kingdom Messengers Institute is now holding classes at GloryGate Tabernacle. Our tuition is free without cost. Sessions time – Saturday 10:00 am.

This years curriculum will be:

  • First Semester

      • Tabernacle of Moses
      • New Covenant Constitution (Sermon on the Mount)

  • Second Semester

      • Old Testament Survey I (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers)
      • Old Testament Survey II (Israel – God’s holy nation)
  • Third Semester

      • Biblical Hermeneutics
      • Kingdom Eschatology
  • Fourth Semester

      • Church History 101
      • New Covenant Ecclesiology (N.C. Church Order)


*  *  *  *  *   *  *

The coming of John and Jesus – marks the entrance of the New Covenant into the realm of earth.
In the eternities, the New Covenant has always existed. Heaven has always been released through its principals.
My message – to those who are in spiritual authority, who desire the ministry that our Lord Jesus is releasing from within me is:
My name is John (grace – grace and truth has come via – the New Covenant / Covenant Messenger – Jesus).

Backdrop – John was the last of the Aaronic priesthood – of the Old Covenant that God anointed with His covenantal Word and anointing prior to the entrance of the New Covenant.
At John’s supernatural birthing he was not named according to his family’s (denominational preference) – none of his kindred was so called by that name – religious tradition would have called him after his father’s name – Zechariah, and placed him in the school of the Aaronic antiquated priesthood of his forefathers to study and promote the Law of Moses.
God had a preceding Word from Heaven, to pass through John that only years of solitude could bring forth.
He was to be the Lord’s (God’s) prophet messenger.
The Word that God gave John, to brings forth to a desperate generation – was the proceeding Word that could bring forth the coming of Jesus.

My contemporary in ministry is the prophet Ezekiel – in apprehension and appointment. Who had much insight into the New Covenant ministry of John, the Lord’s messenger (John, the Baptist)

If your calling on me – then that means that the Father is wanting to bring forth His Son (the ministry of Jesus) within your midst (with signs and wonders of the New Covenant).
If you can hear my proceeding word (progressive, present-truth revelation) then Jesus will come to your setting and deposit in you – what your locality needs to manifest His presence and glory.
If Jesus allows me – to make an endowment within your leadership and body of believers –
it will not be according to your traditions.
I will only speak according to God’s will – purpose – desire.
Recently – Jesus walked with me within the valley of the shadow of death – I only fear my Father’s voice (in the place of human reasoning).
However if I am invited, into your House – I come in humility with God’s order and purpose.

*  *  *  *  *   *  *

I am available to speak in churches with both single service and multiple service commitments.  For engagements please call: (352) 344-2292.

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* Immediate ministry needs for the Kenya / Uganda KMI Bible Schools *

Monies for a Skype capable laptop with webcam. So that my son in ministry – Apostle Bosire – can teach in the Kingdom Messengers Institutes in Africa from the Kenya Church – since traveling long distances is costly and time intensive.

Also we have need for a TV to watch ministry DVD’s, Videos etc. from USA and Kenya home church ministries – in the Institutes in Kenya, Uganda and the smaller providences in Kenya.

We would like to thank those who provided donations used to purchase a TV which is allowing the orphaned children to view videos and play video games

For those desiring to make a tax-deductible donations to support GloryGate Ministries, Int’l and our associated ministries, you may click the Donation button above for an online debit or credit card donation or donate by check or money order using the address above.

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Personal note to leadership:

The prominent spiritual gifting that Daniel John has been graced with is the revelatory insight to recognize through the spiritual gifts of the word of wisdom and the discerning of spirits the following:

  • The comings and goings of God’s manifested glory

  • The releasing of the manifested presence of God (imparting spiritual hungry and healing anointings)

  • Recognizing the presence of particular ascension office-gifts (Teacher/Bishop, apostle, prophet, pastor, evangelists) upon saints

Specialized Teaching

Daniel John specializes in teaching the following subjects:

    • Melchizedek Priesthood Order

  • Kingdom Agenda

  • Multiplicity of Ministry

  • Corporate Anointing

    • Tabernacles

  • Moses

  • David

  • Jesus

    • Kingdom Eschatology

  • Revelation (non-dispensational view)

  • Olivet Discourse (Matt 24)

  • Daniel’s Vision (the 70th week)

  • Millennium (the reign of Messiah)