Greetings! The “Good News” of the gospel is that the work accomplished by the death, burial, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus has caused the Kingdom of God to be a present reality in the earth today. The Church does not have to wait for the (or any) Second Coming of Jesus to be victorious! It is time for the people of God to live their lives according to this reality: God has commissioned us to bring about His will within the earth. GloryGate Ministries, Int’l is dedicated to helping spread the truth that God has given to His people this responsibility. Jesus is our example. Jesus is the pattern son for us to follow. By examining His life on the earth, we can see that God wants good things for all humanity. It is God’s desire to bring health and wholeness to every aspect of human life. Jesus charged his Disciples to make more disciples, and he commanded them to teach the Gospel of the Kingdom of God that they had received. He also called them to continue to do the good works that He did – and even greater works. In short, Jesus called them (and us today) to bring the earth to a place where God’s will is done. It is my sincere desire that GloryGate Ministries, Int’l can assist you as you grow in realizing the important part that you play in the furtherance of His Kingdom in the earth.

For His Glory,

Wm Daniel John