Believers’ Fellowship will still have services. We are not trying to be resistant to our government but rather obedient to God. We will comply as much as possible with any government order such as cleaning, avoiding physical contact, screening and distancing that does not restrict our ability and right to assemble.

Believers’ Fellowship is regularly cleaning and sanitizing doors and surfaces. Please assist in following government recommendations by avoiding physical contact, keeping safe distances, and keeping hands clean. If anyone is not feeling well or showing signs of sickness, you should remain at home and watch the services online. If you are not willing to follow these requests, please do not attend in person.

If you feel it best to not attend in person for your own safety, the safety of others, or for any other reason please join us online. You are under no obligation to attend in person or online.

(Please note that these comments are not intended to reflect fear in any way. The Coronavirus stops at The Door, it dies under the hand of the believer, it bows to the name of Jesus. If you need ministry please contacts us. Stay in faith and follow the leading of the Spirit of God within you.)

Sanctuary: a holy place of safety and refuge. Highly Essential… but there are some strict rules right now. 

At times like these, the church is essential and her place of meeting is vital to the cause and wellbeing of her people. We will continue to meet in person as well as broadcast online. Please know that there is no pressure for anyone to attend. Obey the leading of the Holy Spirit within you. That is the only safe way. If you decide to attend in-person you must abide by these rules. If you are unwilling to comply, please do not come. I know, it stinks but its necessary right now. 🙂

  1. If sick – stay home. (Contact us so we can minister to you.)
  2. No physical contact. (Do not shake hands or hug.)
  3. Practice social distancing. (Keep distance from others in common spaces. Sit with your own family separated from other families.)
  4. Keep hands clean. (You should do that anyway. It’s scriptural. lol. Ps 24:3-4)
  5. Children must stay with parents. No children or nursery services will be available.